Additional poetry resources

Favorite Poem Project Consists of short video documentaries of individual Americans reading and speaking personally about poems they love

ModPo Minutes A series of short (roughly five-minute) videos in which a student at the University of Pennsylvania discusses a particular poem with their tutor

The Poetry Foundation An American organisation that exists to raise poetry to a more visible and influential position. Their website hosts poems, information about poets, interviews with poets, sound files and resources for teachers

The Poetry Station A British website that aims to use the multi-medial qualities of the internet to offer users “a rich multi-sensory experience of poetry which includes music, film, and animation, as well as readings by actors and authors.” Contains videos of a number of contemporary poets reading their own and other people’s poems This American-based website hosts poems, information about poets, interviews with poets, sound files and resources for Teachers

SuperSummary’s Poetry Writing and Analysis Guide This short guide provides a useful overview of the history of poetry, a survey of the most prominent poetic forms, and some tips on how to analyse a poem